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I had trained myself not to smile very often in the past because I was self-conscious about my badly discolored teeth. That was the past. Now I feel like smiling more often, more and more. Thanks for my new teeth and smile. You have made a big difference in my looks and attitude. Thanks!


The way that you treated me made me feel very special. Thanks to everyone. You have a very impressive team of workers/helpers. Thanks again!


This is just a note to say how much we appreciate the work you did for Cameron. He also sends his thanks. You and Dr. Row are the best.


Do you know the angels are mad at you??? That's because you outdid them!! You are too kind and I want to thank you. Dr. Rich, what you did was beyond the call of duty. I appreciate you and your sweet staff. In the next life I will help you!


To say tha I was a bit nervous about first one extraction, then THREE MORE, would be a gross understatement, indeed. Which is exactly whi I wanted to write a note to thank both your offices for the superb care I have received. Excellent skills notwithstanding, I was very impressed by your abilities to explain the problem in "plain english", and to discuss the appropriate alternatives. The on-site consultation while awaiting the extractions at Dr. Chein's office was equally impressive.

I would also like to thank the front office and back office workers for their skills at assuring my comfort in a "not so comfortable" situation. Additionally, the "after-calls" to assess my recovery from both of you were much appreciated. Many thanks

E.R., M.D.

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