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We have dual autoclaves that are biologically monitored. If one autoclave needs repair we always have a backup.

Sterilization room showing amalgam recycling, spore tester, and in counter ultrasonic. For infection control used instruments and trays go in the overhead racks. Below the racks are a sharps container and trash. If a instrument can not be autoclaved/sterilized it is thrown away. The instruments are then placed in the ultrasonic. After the instruments are clean in the ultrasonic they are rinsed and placed in autoclave bags and then placed in the autoclave. The autoclave bags are also color coded to change color when the autoclave temperature is reached. This is a backup to the spore testing. After the instruments are autoclaved they are moved to the area to the left of them (top left photo). No used instrument go in this area. This is the clean side of the sterilization area.


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