Silent Nite

Silent Nite®

An estimated 90 million North Americans snore while sleeping. Silent Nite® may be your answer to a good night's rest. Proven to eliminate snoring in 8 out of 10 patients, Silent Nite is a thin, custom-made snore prevention device.

Snoring occurs when relaxed and collapsed airways produce soft tissue vibrations during breathing. Silent Nite works by opening your airways, effectively stopping this disruptive habit. Worn as you sleep, special connectors on the Silent Nite allow the lower jaw to move freely.

In the past, treatment options for snoring included surgery, breathing masks and oral devices. While surgery demonstrates low success in treating snoring, breathing masks — although effective — require expensive equipment and frequent adjustments in the lab. Silent Nite, however, has demonstrated high success rates in preventing snoring and does not require additional parts or routine adjustment.

This device is indicated for patients with a full complement of dentition



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